The Swine Intensive Studies Lab is located at the ISU College of Veterinary Medicine in Ames, Iowa.  This gives it the advantage of being conveniently located near several helpful resources for swine research.  Close proximity to these locations is a unique feature for the lab. 

On site resources

  • Iowa State University Diagnostic Laboratory (same location)
  • Llyod Veterinary Medical Center (same location)

Less than 5 miles (8 kilometers)

  • Iowa State University Animal Science Department 
  • Iowa State University Meats Lab
  • Iowa Pork Industry Center

Less than 10 miles (16 kilometers)

  • National Veterinary Services Laboratory
  • National Animal Disease Center 

Less than 50 miles (80 kilometers)

  • National Pork Board
  • National Pork Producers Council Des Moines Office
  • Iowa Pork Producers Association